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– buckle: wild plum wood, beeswax impregnation
– strap: hemp (jute) fibre, dyed in mustard colour

– width: 5 cm.
– length: 95 cm.

Unique design.
Wooden fitting is made by Mir’o Woody: visit for his art.
Similar items can be made by order (specify your size), but exactly the same item is never done twice.

Vegetarian and honey-vegan friendly.

Wearing instructions:
Unisex. Can be worn on most jeans or skirts, as well as over a dress or tunic.
Can be pin-clipped anywhere along the strap length.

Keeping instructions:
Wash and dry by hand only!
Hot iron with steam is recommended.
Store away from moisture and direct sunlight, as it can fade the colour.

Extra benefits for yourself and the planet:
Hemp is a fast-growing and carbon-negative plant, ideal for a renewable source of material. During its life it is also producing fresh air, and helping reduce soil erosion.
Its fibers are strong and durable, yet in case of disposed of in the soil it can compost as well as any other plant material.
Some traditional massage techniques, such as the Japanese Shibari, use hemp fibers (worn over the skin) to ease back and joints pain and for general health improvement.

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Shipping from : Bulgaria

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