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These gifts were made for posting

Lockdown looms, and who knows what the holidays have in store for us. If you don’t think you’ll make it across the country, but you still want to brighten the doorstep of a loved one – how about these stocking-sized, easy to post gifts?


Ekta Kaul: travel-inspired embroidery kits in a box

“My artistic practice is focused on creating narrative maps that explore place, history and belonging through stitch. I am drawn to maps not only because they are beautiful objects in their own right, but also because they are repositories for meaning. A map can reveal so many stories and can become a portal to significant life events.”



 Poppy Norton: hair accessories to go from bedhead to Zoom call

“I make bold, graphic jewellery perfect for geometric shape lovers. There’s something for everyone, from purse-friendly hair slides to one-off pieces and rings made to order. I’m inspired by the architecture and design that surrounds us, and my new Module and Modular Brooches are actually inspired by both the work of Lucienne Day and Barbara Brown’s designs for Midwinter.”



SUK: face masks, because it’s 2020

“My new padded SUK masks are made with sustainable bamboo padding, which is also naturally anti-bacterial.”



Jenny Chan: better luck for 2021

 I will show Christmas stocking filler ceramic fortune cookies, jewellery boxes, sugar and garlic bowls with lids, and ceramics wall pieces with small faces.”


Shop the galleries from 7pm Thursday 5th November – Sunday 8th November