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Online craft and design fairs “a lifeline for makers”

Jewellery designer Kate Bajic talks about her favourite piece on sale at MADE Makers August, and how she’s moving forward with customer wellbeing as a priority.

What are you working on right now?

I’m developing a new series of drop earrings combining hand pierced and textured silver with luscious gemstones. I’m also working on a brand-new, one-off necklace design using hand formed silver tube against beautiful faceted labradorite beads.

Where have you found inspiration during lockdown?

Being able to get out into the countryside around my studio has definitely helped me during lockdown. I have also rekindled my love of gardening and veg growing in particular, I’ve found it helps me to relax which in turn allows space for new creative ideas to germinate.

Tell us about your favourite piece you’ll exhibit at MADE Makers.

I’m really excited about the new long length necklace design I’m working on. It combines silver with labradorite beads. They contrast beautifully as I am giving the silver a pearly white finish, and the beads are a gorgeous sparkling grey with highlights of blue and green. I don’t usually work with so much silver sheet and this is my first time creating tube by hand. The effect I’m getting is just fabulous, I’m really looking forward to unveiling it during the show!


What methods do you use?

All my jewellery is handmade using traditional techniques, such as hand piercing and applying surface textures through hammering, the use of punches, rolling or the application of heat. I enjoy fine soldering and creating wire work pieces such as my Cladonia earrings and Frond pendants, each of which is unique as they are individually hand soldered and formed. I also create made-to-measure settings for a variety of gemstones. I particularly enjoy using unusual cabochon stones and love creating bold statement rings.

What do you think the arts sector needs to move forward after lockdown?

After lockdown, I think artists and makers are going to need a lot of support. Things have changed dramatically in a very short space of time and we need to adapt our way of working with clients and accessing new markets, whilst still remaining safe and looking after our customers wellbeing.

How can online craft and design fairs like MADE Makers help your business?

Online craft and design fairs are a great way of accessing new customers and promoting new work. They help makers form a support network through social media and allow us to sell direct to the customer in a safe and professional way. Being able to access this type of event has been a lifeline for makers during the pandemic.


Kate Bajic will showcase her fine jewellery during MADE Makers from 1 – 2 August. The show opens at 9am – first come, first serve!

Find previews over on Instagram @tuttonandyoung