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Meet the Maker: SRGS Woodwork

October’s MADE MAKERS online features plenty of new faces, including SRGS Woodwork by Samuel Souter. SRGS Woodwork’s one-off products are made with high quality hard woods for functionality. MADE MAKERS visitors can enjoy 15% off SRGS Woodwork products from 3rd – 4th October!



What are you working on right now?

I’m developing a range of side tables/stools which I hope to begin work on early in the new year. In addition, I’m busy making more bread/cheese boards and device holders ready for a number of events in the run-up to Christmas.


How did your style come about?

I try to balance functionality with items that look pleasing in their own right. I have a working background and interest in historic buildings and crafts, but also a love of contemporary design, so try to marry the two (i.e. traditional methods and techniques creating products that look at home in a modern setting).



What made you become an artist?

During 2019 I made the decision to resign from my steady job within historic building conservation, in order to become a full-time, self-employed maker of woodwork. Over time I had thought long and hard about my working life, and came to the realisation that a desk-based, office job simply wasn’t the working environment that I was meant to be in. I wanted, and needed, a far more creative and tactile vocation. Whilst working with historic buildings, I was always drawn to the practical work carried out. The tools, materials and construction methods still in operation and borne out of centuries of making and repairing held real fascination, and the necessary, tangible craft skills learnt and honed greatly appealed to me.



How did lockdown affect your creative process?

I handed in my notice at the end of January 2020 and began my new, exciting career as a self-employed woodworker. The pandemic struck a matter of weeks later. For a while this didn’t actually affect me! All I needed and wanted to do was build up enough stock in order to start exhibiting – so I had a good few months of workshop time. It’s been a crazy year so far; quitting my full-time steady employment to go self-employed as a craftsman, having our first baby during lockdown, and moving house in (hopefully) a couple of months.

So I just hope the economy recovers in order for me to continue doing what I have discovered to be a real passion. It’s such a joy and privilege to wake up in the morning knowing that I’ll be spending the day in my workshop creating (hopefully) attractive, usable products from pieces of wood – the stark contrast with my office-based career which I recently left behind means it’ll be a long time until this feeling wears off!


MADE MAKERS is live from 9am, 3rd – 4th October. Browse SRGS Woodwork & other fine interior makers in the galleries

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