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Meet the Maker: Scott Millar Jewellery

Scott Millar is one of the talented jewellery makers taking part in October’s MADE MAKERS Online. Here, Scott shares more about his artistic process, background and his new collection on offer at the show.

How do you choose the subject matter for your work?

Between releasing collections annually, I work on one-off pieces.  These are usually unplanned and often start by selecting a gemstone and building up the setting, which then leads to positioning and how it is worn. I use these pieces as the basis for designing the next collection – I would say it is less choosing the subject matter and more it choosing me! My interest has always been in architecture, geometric forms and how this can lead to a more sculptural piece of jewellery.


What made you become an artist?

I was always a hands-on crafting type of kid – I was always interested in making, certainly obsessed with Lego.  Going to art school, I started out in Interiors and Architecture but the frustration in designing but not making led me to jewellery.

How did lockdown affect your process?

Lockdown definitely gave me a bit of time to focus on my aesthetic and gave me more space than normal to develop new pieces. There was a lot of extra time in my home studio, making and remaking to the point where new pieces started to emerge. Lockdown also made me more focussed on the ethics on running a business – it made me realise that everything we have could just not be there the next day. This is why I look at every aspect of the business and make sure it is as sustainable as possible.


How do you stay motivated to create?

I enjoy technical challenges.  When time allows, one of my favourite things to do is to pick up a gemstone and think of setting it in a way I haven’t before, learning what I need to learn to do it and practicing away. The end point always involves meeting and working with clients and the enjoyment in seeing someone with their new piece of jewellery.

What will you exhibit at MADE MAKERS in October?

The Circle and Pearls Collection has just launched and there will be a selection of new additions added especially for Made Makers this October. These pieces are all available in silver, gold vermeil as well as solid 9 carat gold which will all be available on my website. There will also be a 10% discount for the weekend on the entire new collection.


The MADE MAKERS galleries go live here, from 9am, Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th October. 

Find us on Facebook and Instagram for previews, behind-the-scenes and live events during the weekend.