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Meet The Maker: John Bloor

John Bloor will exhibit screen prints and linocut prints at MADE MAKERS online, as well as hand-printed homeware. Here, John shares more about how his surroundings and healthy lifestyle keep him motivated and inspired to create.


What are you working on right now?

I am working on a new set of prints featuring coastal paths. I’ve been playing and experimenting more with textures and scans of monoprinted ink scraping plus stippling. I’ve also been creating some tiny prints, which are more like pieces of jewellery featuring focal elements and textures.




How do you choose the subject matter for your work?

I am inspired by two things around me; rural Hampshire and the coasts of England. I find that I am driven to try and represent these two inspirational subjects as best I can and find new ways of showing them. I am always looking for new ways to use pattern and texture to represent the subject matter.


What made you become an artist?

I started off creating gig posters for a promoter and tried screen printing for the first time when trying to print one of these posters. It wasn’t very successful, but it gave me a taste of printmaking. Then, in Brighton, I had a moment of inspiration while in a homeware shop looking at screen printed lampshades and cushions. I realised that that was something I wanted to do. I screen printed homeware and became more and more interested in printing on paper and developing my ideas and methods.




How did lockdown affect your process?

I just carried on as normal! Printing at home and the process of illustrating new prints has not stopped for me. Because all events were cancelled, I even started on a new round of prints in the late summer.


How do you stay motivated to create?

By trying to vary things a bit, going out running regularly, eating healthily and keeping an eye on what other printmakers are up to.


John Bloor will launch a new print “Rock Stack” at October’s MADE MAKERS Online.

The MADE MAKERS galleries go live here, from 9am, Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th October. 

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