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Making during lockdown: BRIDGET BAILEY

Allotment making with bridget bailey…

I’m inspired by allotment gardening and the bits of wildness that creep in while managing it.I love the ways that fabrics can be used to describe some of the qualities of its flora and fauna.

I’m very lucky to have able to visit the allotment in this time of lockdown, so the inspirational side of my work is still getting lots of input.

It’s delightful finding ways to interpret grasses into textiles, but the actual making is rigorous. Some of my lager artworks like the night and day meadow-scapes  have up to 90 stems that need sewing into a flowing arrangement, with tiny stitches through card. It’s so fiddly and intense that I can only do it in isolation so, for making, the lockdown is kind of normal.

Of course, showing work to people has had to go online and that’s a big change. I’m making a collection of tiny sculptures of plants – and insects too, playing with animating them in videos to show how they might fly in action.

I’m trying to show something I might tell people about – what inspires me, as I can’t chat to people about my work face to face. Finding some new creative ways to show has become a new challenge for me. How can I find new ways of showing my work to people, and get them to see the stories behind it and the work that goes into it? Of course, that’s not a new thing, but the need for it is much more acute.

I’m spending lots of time learning more about technology, and it’s a struggle. But exciting too.