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Meet the Maker: Linescapes and iconic architecture

Linescapes, by Amalia Sanchez de la Blanca, specialises in highly detailed CAD architectural portraits of iconic buildings, architectural landmarks and bespoke commissions. Browse Linescapes’ new collection from 3 – 4 October at MADE MAKERS online.




Please tell us more about what you’ll be exhibiting at MADE MAKERS.

During MADE MAKERS I’ll be exhibiting my new Sun Collection, over 60 illustrations of iconic buildings from London, Brighton, and elsewhere in the UK and the world. The prints come in three sizes and five background colours, so you can find the perfect artworks for your home or a loved one.



What are you working on right now?

I’m working on house portrait commissions for three private clients. I’m also working on a bespoke commission for Abbey Road Studios, which will be used as part of the 90th anniversary celebrations next year. When I’m not doing bespoke commissions for private and commercial clients, I like to add new buildings to my collections. I’m currently working on the publication of an illustrated history of British Architectural styles so I’m going to draw buildings from the Elizabethan and Georgian periods next.



What made you become an artist?

Since I was a child, I’ve always been happiest when drawing. However, I became interested in buildings while living in LA in the 90s, so I became an architect and obtained a masters degree from the Royal College of Art. But from the beginning, my instincts pulled me toward its artistic rather than its technical side. This tension between my passion and the demands of my job was present throughout my career. I was, in short, an artist doing an architect’s job. After moving to Brighton I realised that I didn’t have to be torn between architecture and drawing and that I could in fact enjoy both. So I started capturing the buildings around me as well as undertaking private commissions.



How did lockdown affect your process?

During lockdown, I started analysing my previous work and realised I needed to add colour to my drawings, so I created the Sun Collection where customers can choose from different background colours to suit their homes. I think the lockdown period has affected people in many ways, but one way is that it has brought the desire to be more optimistic, which is translated in longing for more colourful environments.


To celebrate the launch of the new Sun Collection, Linescapes will be offering free UK delivery on all orders during the October MADE MAKERS weekend.

Visit the galleries from 9.00am, 3rd – 4th October 2020, to browse beautiful handmade pieces of art.

Until then, follow us on Facebook and Instagram for sneak previews! #MADEMAKERS