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How Lauren Bell-Brown found inspiration during lockdown

Although lockdown presented a huge set of challenges to the art sector worldwide, many artists have found new areas of inspiration in a slower pace of life. Jewellery designer and maker Lauren Bell-Brown shares her experience of going back to nature and watching an entire season pass.

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What’s your favourite piece that you’ll be showing at MADE Makers?

Surprisingly for me, my favourite piece that is my new Sunset Bloom Ring, which will be released at MADE Makers. It’s surprising because the piece is silver, and if you know me, you know I’m a gold girl. I really love the ombre effect of the deep orange Carnelian gemstone and the Lemon Quartz. Creating this sunset vibe is really different to anything I have done before and I love the warm colours. I guess that makes up for the fact that it isn’t gold for me!

What methods do you use?

I use a combination of methods to create my pieces. Cuttlefish cast shapes are the starting point for all of my pieces, followed by lots of wax carving to create a unique, handcrafted piece every time. The wax casts are followed by some tricky stone setting, and finally some of the pieces are plated with 9ct gold or rose gold.


lauren bell brown


How have you found inspiration during lockdown?

During lockdown, rather than being surrounded by concrete buildings and the sharp edges of the city, I found myself going for longer hikes in the countryside. I was constantly surrounded by nature: woods, forests, lakes. It was all very organic… definitely a far cry from my usual city life. Watching my favourite magnolia tree blossom and fade was such a beautiful thing to be able to witness.

I have never slowed down so much in my life to see a whole season come and go, and to actually have the time to take it all in. It was beautiful. Making organic pieces with a very natural flow came so much easier to me, and I really appreciated the extra time I had to spend in my favourite surroundings.

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