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Handcrafted ceramics inspired by everyday joy

Visit the MADE MAKERS galleries from 7pm on Friday 7th April 2021 to find new collections of handcrafted ceramics. Meet the makers who have found beauty in their everyday: from rugged coastlines to the linear patterns on a metal galvanised bin.


Katie Iacovou

“I will be making some sea inspired vessels which focuses on coastal textures such as barnacles, sand and those sea blues. I’ve also recently created a new range, made with black clay. This range has a blistered effect. I’m always interested in creating unusual textural surfaces, inspired by coastal landscapes and rugged cliff tops. My work focuses on creating organic forms with an interesting glaze finish.”



Bridget Timoney

“I will be showing some new raw glazed shino bottles and a few other individual pieces (vases, soap dishes and ramekin dishes) with the same patterning; which are inspired by the linear pattern on a galvanised bin and the windows at the pottery studio. I’ll also have more of my leaf motif range and bird feeders.”



jessica thorn ceramics

Jessica Thorn

“I am inspired to make work that allows us to focus on and enjoy the small culinary rituals we all unknowingly take part in every day. My work is mainly functional so I create pieces that fit well in the hand, bring joy and allow us to celebrate the food we eat. I take inspiration for forms from old antique kitchenware and objects. Using different elements of these objects, I design new forms that are paired down in style with my aim to create contemporary timeless pieces.”



sarah grove ceramics

Sarah Grove

“I have some brand-new seashore inspired designs, some new garden birds and feathers along with some of my classic textured ware. I have been making some biscuit jugs especially for this! Like so many others at the moment, the natural world (particularly birds) are inspiring me. I am very excited about my new seashore range of shells and seaweed, which goes some way to assuage the loss of being able to visit the coast.”


MADE MAKERS is live from 7pm, Friday 9th April to Sunday 11th April. Browse contemporary, handcrafted ceramics in the galleries

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