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Gifts to brighten everyday routines

This year has taught us to find small moments of joy from our everyday lives at home.

The perfect coffee mug for warming hands. A hand carved wooden spoon for sprinkling cinnamon onto porridge. A unique citrus juicer that makes fresh orange juice worth the effort. Give the gift of chilly winter mornings made that bit brighter.


Breakfast cups, pourers, citrus juicers and ceramic tins by Jessica Thorn

“I am inspired by our small daily rituals and what objects we use when performing them. From this I wish to create contemporary ceramic vessels that help to spark small moments of joy in our everyday routines.”


Mugs, pots, lighting and serveware by Hilda Carr

“Choosing your favourite handmade mug for your morning cup of tea turns that tiny everyday ritual into something that little bit more special. It gives you the chance to slow down and appreciate the small things. When you purchase a piece of pottery from me you can be assured that you will receive something completely unique and one-of-a-kind.”


Hand-thrown ceramics and hand-carved wooden utensils by Two Hungry Bakers

“We aim to create items that are both beautiful and functional. We love an earthy modern rustic feel, and let the beauty of wood and earth shine through in our products.”


Nostalgic vases, planters, trinket dishes, bowls, mugs and jugs by Virginia Graham

“I’ll be showing a special collection of small jugs that coordinate with my little mugs, a perfect size for gifting. I’m inspired by themes of collecting – vintage china, old fabrics and print, paper ephemera – and the way a collection is curated. An eclectic mix brought together to provoke nostalgia and memories.”


MADE MAKERS November goes live from 7pm 5th November – 8th November 2020 – perfect for early Christmas shopping!