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Five independent textile makers to watch out for this autumn

Just in time for autumn, MADE Makers September will feature independent textile weavers and designers.

According to a recent poll by Populus, reported by EcoTextile News, 50% of consumers want to see real sustainable change in fashion and supply chains. MADE Makers is the perfect destination to buy collectible handmade pieces, woven to last. Limited-edition collections are a key way to avoid mass-produced fashion and home textiles, support an independent textile business – and bag a timeless investment piece. 

Visit the galleries over the September weekend to browse high-quality natural materials like hand-painted silks, handwoven merino wool and linens treated with OEKO-TEX certified dyes.


By Cecil

by cecil textile By Cecil will launch new merino wool blanket scarves at MADE Makers. Their unique pieces are hand-woven in wool, cotton and silk.

“I have gone back to basics, working on ideas in sketchbooks and giving myself space to play. Without the pressure to make stock for markets, I am working on ideas that have been put to one side for the last couple of years. I have been experimenting with new sustainable fibres and shaking up the way that I work.”


Victoria Richards

victoria richards textileVictoria Richards uses traditional silk-screen methods combined with detailed hand-painting, dyeing and over-dying. She designs by hand onto silk made by traditional English weavers.

“My favourite pieces are my new collection of limited-edition, hand-painted silk ties. Each year I launch four new designs, and each design comes in an edition of 12. Even if I say so myself, they have become collectable!”


Sam Pickard

sam pickard textile

Sam Pickard uses environmentally-friendly, OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified dyes to print onto textiles – mainly soft furnishings and scarves. She chooses materials for their quality and longevity, often working with cashmere and linen. 

“I will be revealing my new cashmere scarf collection for 2020, as well as a collection of fern linen wall hangings. I’m working with an ultra fine cashmere for this new scarf collection. The design idea is based loosely on my interpretation of the ‘tree of life’ and is a large abstract leaf, filled with textures based on lichens and mosses. Realising the design has taken many months of work and I’m looking forward to showing it at MADE Makers.”


Sarah Tyssen

sarah tyssen textile

Sarah Tyssen works with fine Australian Merino lambswool for its quality and softness, producing fabric for scarves and blankets in a muted colour palette. She designs on a 16 shaft mechanical dobby loom for limited-edition production with a textile mill in Yorkshire.

“My favourite pieces are actually my little lavender bags. They are made from handwoven pieces of fabric that I accumulate during my design process. I weave metres of experimental colours and constructions leading up to the final mill woven collection, so each piece of fabric used to make the lavender bags tells a story.”


Carole Waller

carole waller

Carole Waller paints and screen-prints onto silk, cotton and wool to create wearable art. Each piece is unique, contemporary and timeless.

“I find inspiration in my garden and my photographs – my current collection was inspired by my travels in Florence. My favourite piece at MADE Makers September will be my new devore velvet scarves.”


The MADE Makers galleries open at 9am on Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th September. Browse a large range of artisan, sustainable fabrics here.


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