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Creating art and carving back during a pandemic

Lucy Baxendale reflects on this year’s slower pace of life, and how she creates her art during a pandemic. Find her new sculptural pieces on offer at MADE Makers August. What are you working on right now? I’m working on a series of one-off vases that are a nod to my more sculptural pieces, exploring… Read more »

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Online craft and design fairs “a lifeline for makers”

Jewellery designer Kate Bajic talks about her favourite piece on sale at MADE Makers August, and how she’s moving forward with customer wellbeing as a priority. What are you working on right now? I’m developing a new series of drop earrings combining hand pierced and textured silver with luscious gemstones. I’m also working on a… Read more »

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MADE MAKERS online: the next edition

As events are pushed back and galleries remain closed, we’ve been searching for the best way to support contemporary artists and designers. In June 2020, the first ever MADE MAKERS online fair was held: one platform, two days, 80 makers, and 8,500 online visitors. A portion of sales went to Refuge, Mind and Crafts Council,… Read more »

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Let’s Create Packs!

Let’s CrAFT Packs The Crafts Council are fundraising to give as many children across the country as possible art and crafts activity packs.  The Let’s Create packs are aimed at primary and secondary school-aged children who are currently most in need of support – giving them the chance to be creative at home, feel proud of their creations… Read more »

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Making during lockdown: BRIDGET BAILEY

Allotment making with bridget bailey… I’m inspired by allotment gardening and the bits of wildness that creep in while managing it.I love the ways that fabrics can be used to describe some of the qualities of its flora and fauna. I’m very lucky to have able to visit the allotment in this time of lockdown,… Read more »

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Making during lockdown: ELIZABETH RENTON

Elizabeth Renton on social isolation and distancing… I cycle every day to my studio, so I never really work from home. When we went into lockdown, I just grabbed a bag of clay and a few tools – I thought we’ll probably only be away from work a short time! The weather seemed unusually good… Read more »