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Susan Purser Hope

Website: purserhope.co.uk

I am a contemporary fused glass artist who creates unique, hard crafted artworks.  My work is organised into collections in which I look back to pivotal periods of my life, develop on my love of making patterns whilst also capturing the seascapes of where I live.  My work holds secrets and stories, creating explosions of potent dynamic colour and shapes.  I specialise in wall hung works of art and accept commissions.

I love colour and this is one reason why I chose to work with glass.  Glass is a magical material – both clear and opaque, fragile and tough, solid and fluid.  It is a material of contradictions and multiple techniques.  It is impossible to ever get bored working with it!  I generally work with glass when it is cold and then use heat to fuse it together in my kiln.

I’m super excited because I have totally new work to exhibit at MADE MAKER.  I also am launching my new website which shows off all of the work featured here and more!

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