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Clarence the Lion

Clarence the Lion’s namesake was also cross-eyed and starred in a very old children’s programme called Daktari. Clarence is a silkscreen design on 100% cotton. It can simply be used as a tea-towel/dish -towel (wash at 40 degrees centigrade) or following the easy printed instructions Clarence can be cut out, sewn and stuffed to make a bright, attractive child’s toy or cushion. Alternatively Clarence can filled be with dried beans, pulses or sand to make a door stop. His stuffed height from base to ear is about 11.8inches (30 cms ) The tea-towel is 32 inches x 19inches (81cms x 48 cms) The Tea-towel is wrapped around card, in a cellophane sleeve with details of the 3 other designs on the reverse of the printed card label.