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Rachel Larkins

Website: www.rachellarkins.com

I have always been drawn to objects behind glass, perhaps in recognition that someone from the past has preserved those things considered precious and ephemeral; mourning jewellery holding hair; bell jars holding birds, insects or dolls; dioramas and ships in bottles. The wearable pieces I make are influenced by the intimacy and hidden stories of small scale miniatures as well as by folklore and fairy tales.

I work from a studio in a village near the New Forest. Following an early training in Textile Art, I graduated with an MA in Sequential Design/ Illustration from the University of Brighton in 2013. I have exhibited regularly in the UK and abroad, creating and selling work for private and public collections for more than twenty years.

I have been fortunate to receive a number of awards over this time, from the British Toymakers Guild and the Arts Council , to a Peer Prize by fellow makers at MADE London, the internationally renowned Art & Design fair. More recently I was one of the designers who created ‘Created for Charleston’ collections for Charleston Farmhouse award winning museum shop and I am excited to be showing again as a special at Dazzle’s pop up at Oxo Tower Wharf this November.


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