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Nix Hawkins Ceramics

Website: www.nixhawkinsceramics.com

Handmade pottery for your kitchen, table and home.  The ability to turn a humble lump of mud into a beautiful yet functional object for everyday use is at the heart of my love of this craft.

My ceramics focus on simple forms balancing the clays natural elements with colour, texture and breaking edges.  The majority of my work is reduction fired in both wood and gas fuel kilns, an incredible process where changing oxygen and fuel levels through the firing create intense depth and variation to the glazes and exposed clay. Every firing is different allowing individual pots to have their own unique characteristics, like sisters rather than twins.  Working in stoneware, I make and design from my small garden studio in Dorset, as well as being part of my local potters collective who share their love of ceramics, resources & kilns.

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