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Julie Ayton

Website: www.julieayton.com

I’m based in Salisbury, UK, and aim to make pots that enhance the pleasure of routine moments and mark special ones.  A cup or bowl is an intimate object, being touched and held in a marvellously comforting way, and making things taste better…

I love the different histories of pottery across the world, and am influenced by various traditions from muted oriental ceramics and Scandinavian simplicity to the richness of highly decorated English harvest jugs and Turkish Iznik ware. I have a huge respect for sound craft skills and enjoy teaching too.

Porcelain is highly vitrified and its smooth surface provides a great canvas for plain classic glazes or decorative surface treatments. On my monochrome pieces I apply a dark glaze to the damp clay surface before drawing through (sgraffito) and firing just once.

Stoneware is a coarser clay that offers a great palette of glaze finishes. I enjoy experimenting with different combinations, producing both subtle and striking finishes as varied and beautiful as beach pebbles.

To see some of my making processes, follow me on Instagram @julie_ayton where you can find my video demonstrations on IGTV.

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