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Esther Kent

Website: www.estherkent.co.uk

Esther Kent is an illustrator and designer creating decorated homewares and paper products for colourful homes, including joyful, folk-art patterned bird mobiles and sturdy, bright enamel mugs. She also makes bespoke artwork, often using a unique mix of collage and line to tell a story. Esther’s first children’s picture book as author and illustrator, Molly’s Circus, was published in 2020.

Esther’s inspiration comes from memories of childhood, from the rich palette of the landscape around her home near Loch Leven and the quirky personalities of the chickens, children and cat playing in her garden.

Studying illustration and printmaking followed by publishing, Esther’s focus has always been on narrative and character, while her 3D work combines a fascination with pattern and surface decoration with the tactile and physical possibilities of paper. Recent projects bring together paper art, decoration and narrative to find new paths into memory and imagination.

Esther is always happy to talk about bespoke artwork and commissions.

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