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Woven scarf

Charlotte Grierson

Website: charlottegrierson.co.uk

Charlotte has been a hand weaver for over twenty years.  Working on a 24 shaft loom Dobby loom in her studio at Cockpit Arts in Deptford.  Taking inspiration from a range sources from the build environment around the studio to landscapes, plant forms and artists work. Charlotte designs and weaves one-off scarves as well as designing a collection of mill woven scarves produced in the UK on small scale batch productions. 

In her scarves Charlotte generally uses natural materials such as lambswool, silk, merino or linen combining them or using them individually. These materials have a drape and feel appropriate for a scarf.  

Charlotte also creates art-led work in which she can be more experimental. For these she uses a wider range of materials including paper yarns, wire and horsehair along with the more traditional materials, to create textural differences. Her latest woven compositions are stretched over canvases as wall hung pieces. 

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