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Bronwen Gwillim

Website: bronwengwillim.co.uk

Bronwen Gwillim makes one-off pieces of sculptural jewellery using industrial waste plastic and plastic that she finds washed up on the beaches where she lives in Pembrokeshire. Her design and making process aims to use what is to hand, waste little and celebrate the natural world.  Living by the sea means her shapes, forms and mark-making are daily guided by observing the effects of weather, water and tide. Like treasured pebbles her pieces are each different and demand to be held in the hand and worn as a statement. 

For April’s MadeMakers she will be showing pieces from her latest collection inspired by oyster shells and made from plastic bottle lids rescued from the beach. It speaks of an uncomfortable reality but also of care and resourcefulness.  You can watch a film showing the places, processes and stories behind this new work by clicking here.

There’s also new pieces added to her ongoing collections inspired by fossils, pebbles, boats, seaweed and cockles. They include statement necklaces, earrings, brooches and bangles made in recycled plastic and recycled silver. All are available on her website www.bronwengwillim.co.uk



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