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Anticlastic heart pendant gold plated on inside surface

Anne V Massey

Website: www.annevmassey.com

I have been making jewellery in Hove on the south coast since 2002. Being close to the sea and the beautiful South Downs helps recharge my creative batteries.

My work has always been about form. I think of it as wearable sculpture. I have always loved natural objects such as shells, seedpods and marine invertebrates. Over the years they have become embedded in my imagination, where they are abstracted into simple, timeless forms such as spirals and helices.

The other most important aspect of my work is hand-making. The process of creating a three-dimensional form from flat sheet by use of a hammer is fascinating and compelling in its immediacy and intimacy. It creates a highly personal connection with the work which I have never felt with more removed techniques. I tend to design with a hammer in my hand rather than on paper.

Ever since my college days I have had an obsession with anticlastic raising. Back then even my tutors hadn’t heard of it – nobody knew what to call the sinuous forms I wanted to make or, indeed, how to make them. I was forced to find my own solutions and the work I produced wasn’t exactly what I wanted. But subsequently I was able to access information and in 2005 I attended a week’s course in anticlastic raising with the American goldsmith Michael Good at the Bergin-Clarke studios in Eire. I’ve never looked back – since then the technique has dominated my work.

Recently I have made the move to using recycled silver whenever possible. I can’t guarantee every piece is recycled, but every new item I make in Sterling silver is.

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