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Amy Whittingham

Website: www.amywhittingham.co.uk/

Cast Glass inspired by the spaces between things; rope moorings connecting the land to the sea. The erosion of materials over time, rusty chain loops and weathered sea glass, jewellery that empowers process and the history of the makers marks. Combining cast glass and Eco-friendly rope as a tribute to Plymouth’s Nautical heritage as one of only three rope making sites in the UK.

Do you have a love of the sea and want to share that with others? Are you looking for Eco-Friendly jewelry that doesn’t cost the earth? Each necklace or pair of earrings is individually created, modeled in wax, cast in glass and carefully finished to a high standard. The cast glass is paired with hand woven hemp cord or super soft 100% recycled cotton for an Eco-friendly alternative to precious metals and plastic. The rope is sewn and whipped by hand to ensure a secure fixing. As a small business these items will never be mass produced. All purchases will be packaged with the upmost care in Eco-friendly boxes and thoroughly wrapped for safe shipping.

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