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Agalis Manessi

Website: www.agalismanessi.com/

A journey painted in clay

Of all the ceramic processes perhaps Maiolica truly requires a painter’s touch. Demanding a confident sensitivity of brushwork balanced with a vision of what might be once the subtle blends of oxides fuse with the tin glaze in the firing, it is both a rewarding and unforgiving art form. A technique developed over 500 years ago Maiolica, is a rich historical medium with diverse influences ranging from the Italian Istoriato dishes to the simplicity of humble folk wares. The process involves dipping red terracotta clay in an earthenware glaze loaded with tin oxide, creating an opaque white surface. The glaze is then painted with metal oxides: copper, cobalt iron and other mineral oxides, brilliantly showcasing the colours when fired.

Inspiration for the work comes from many historical and contemporary sources, a fusion of my Mediterranean heritage and annual travels across Europe to and from London


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