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2 Hungry Bakers

Website: www.2hungrybakers.com/

2 Hungry Bakers is a food inspired ceramics and woodcraft design studio. We use a mixture of traditional and modern techniques to create a range of everyday tableware. All work is produced by hand in our micro-workshop in North London where we aim to create objects that are both beautiful and functional. With a modern rustic aesthetic we try to let the beauty of wood and earth shine through in our products.


Our tableware is thrown on a potter’s wheel with a buff stoneware clay, which contains Shropshire & South Staffordshire Fire Clays with a fine graded dust free grogg. Most tableware is fired at 1260c in an eco electric kiln. Some special editions are gas fired.


Our wooden utensils and boards are made with a range of techniques. The wood we find has often been seasoned so we opt for a sanded finish, but do like to leave the marks from hand carving where possible.

No trees are cut down for the purpose of making our products. We are aways on the look out for wood that will probably end up being chipped or burnt. Much of our wood is scavenged from tree surgeons, including fruit trees that are being replaced as they are no longer bearing fruit.

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