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Online Design and Craft Fair
Next show 9th – 11th APRIL 2021
7pm onward on Friday

Introducing a MADE show the whole world can visit



The galleries go live at 7pm from Friday 9th – Sunday 11th April. If you want first dibs on unique work, we recommend visiting early!

If you’d like to order, click on the info button on the Makers gallery, or click through to their website to see their whole range.

Watch our Instagram @tuttonandyoung, and Facebook for sneak peeks of makers’ creations and processes!

MADE MAKERS online fair is Tutton & Young’s response to the recent closure of galleries, shops and events, meaning that there are limited opportunities for makers to sell work. The fair will provide an opportunity for buyers to make contact with makers again and see exceptional handmade pieces.

A FREE design and craft fair showcasing handmade homeware, jewellery, textiles and more. All from the comfort of your own home!



Friday 9th April

11:00 Sarah Packington: The New Balance collection from Sarah Packington jewellery. Sarah will talk about the evolution of her new Balance collection.

12:30 Emily Thatcher: Emily will tour her new pieces.

19:30 Carin Lindberg: Launching 10 rings in 10 weeks

Saturday 10th April (AM)

10:00 Rosie Wesley: Q&A with Rosie

10:30 Carin Lindberg: Beach pebbles and diamonds

11:00 Naomi Tracz: Bench tour. Naomi will show some works in progress and some finished pieces too.

11:30 Blott Works: Getting the balance right. An introduction to the new Balance lamps and how working with gravity has proved trickier than expected.

11:30 Carole Waller and Bronwen Gwillim: Colour. Carole and Bronwen will be talking about influences on their work over the last year and about how they both feel more embedded within their environment.



Saturday 10th April (PM)

12:00 Bridget Bailey: Studio Safari. Bridget takes you on a little tour of her flora and fauna and gives insights into some of her experiences interpreting nature.

12:30 Emily Thatcher: Emily will tour her new pieces.

14:00 Carole Waller and Bronwen Gwillim: Place. Carole and Bronwen continue their discussion of their influences and environment.

Sunday 11th APRIL

10:30 Carin Lindberg: 10 rings in 10 weeks

12:30 Emily Thatcher: Emily will tour her new pieces.

14:00 Debbie Page: Opening the smoking bin. Debbie will talk through how she smoke fires her work and will open the smoke bin live